Frequently Asked

What is Financial Fitness?

Financial Fitness is the path to building financially stronger individuals through budget and investment training. Since WWII, each generation has carried more consumer debt than the previous one. I created Financial Fitness to help individuals start consistently making the right financial decisions.

How long is the Financial Fitness Training Program?<br />

Financial Fitness Training Program is a 6 week class designed to strengthen your financial foundation. Members are encouraged prepare for training by reading the Financial Fitness Prep Week Manual received after purchase.

Is this an online course or in-person?

The Financial Fitness Training Program is conducted exclusively on the Financial Fitness App.

Is Financial Fitness for beginners?

Absolutely. The Financial Fitness Training Program is the class your high school should have taught you. During Financial Fitness; members first learn how to incorporate the Financial Fitness Budgeting Tools into their own lifestyle and build their financial foundation. Members then transition to the investment education material and are introduced to software on how to begin your investing journey.

What can I expect from Financial Fitness?

Utilizing the Financial Fitness App, members can expect:

  • Daily content regarding budgeting and investment training
  • Three weekly 4K videos explaining how to budget and incorporate investing fundamentals into your life.
  • Financial Fitness Forum – a place to communicate and network with other Financial Fitness Members
  • Access to the Financial Fitness Portal – a resource center available to download for additional information
  • Ask Expert feature so you can communicate your personal questions directly to Tom
  • Access to Legacy Financial robo-advisor and eMoney financially planning software.
  • Live Q&A calls
  • Referral code to gain free access to Financial Fitness Elite.

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